Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

The PWM was introduced as a licensing condition for all security agencies operating in Singapore. Discussion led by the Union and NTUC, the Labour Movement pushed through the PWM framework at the Security Tripartite Cluster and was supported by the Government parties and Employers of the Security Industry.

All SAs must meet the following requirements in 2020.

Job levelMonthly basic salary (2022)Responsibilities
Chief security officer 
  • Supervision management
  • Form and lead security watch groups
  • Security and contingency planning for major or large events
At least 2 years as a senior security supervisor + 3 diploma modules
Senior security supervisor≥ $2,240.00
  • In charge of security or fire command centre with more than 3 personnel
  • Conduct security audits and risk assessment
  • General supervision
At least 1 year 6 months as a security supervisor + 4 advanced modules (Full advanced certificate)
Security supervisor≥ $2,040.00
  • In charge of security or fire command centre with 3 or fewer personnel
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Direct supervision
  • Execute evacuation plans and exercises
At least 1 year as a senior security officer + 1 Advanced Licensing Unit + 2 advanced modules
Senior security officer≥ $1,830.00
  • Operate security and safety systems
  • Regulate traffic (Road Traffic Act)
  • Monitor security or fire command centre
  • Assist ministries, statutory boards or government departments in law enforcement duties
  • Key press management
At least 6 months as a security officer + 2 certificate modules
Security officer≥ $1,650.00
  • Screening
  • Patrolling and guarding
  • Access and egress control
  • Incident response
  • Acting as a bodyguard or bouncer
2 Basic Licensing Units + “Recognise Terrorist Threats” (by 1 Jan 2020 onwards)
New applicant

Basic wage floor

Job level202320242025202620272028
Security officer≥ $1,650≥ $2,650≥ $2,870≥ $3,090≥ $3,310≥ $3,530
Senior security officer≥ $1,830≥ $2,950≥ $3,170≥ $3,390≥ $3,610≥ $3,830
Security supervisor≥ $2,040≥ $3,250≥ $3,470≥ $3,690≥ $3,910≥ $4,130
Senior security supervisor≥ $2,240≥ $3,550≥ $3,770≥ $3,990≥ $4,210≥ $4,430

PWM with Job Description

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Media Release

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PWM Recommendation Paper

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