Collective bargaining process

This collective bargaining process can be initiated by either the employer or the trade union. The party who wishes to commence negotiations for a Collective Agreement is required to serve a notice and the receiving party is required to accept the invitation to negotiate. Negotiations between the employer and the trade union should commence as early as possible.

List of Companies with valid Collective Agreement (as of January 2024):

A Tact Security Services & Management Pte Ltd

Actus Guards P/L

Aero Asia Security Systems P/L

Apex Security & Investigation P/L

Aptitude Management Consulting

Ardant Security Management P/L

Armour Security & Investigations P/L

Bulls-Eye Security Services Pte Ltd

Castillon Security (S)  Pte Ltd

CBM Security P/L

Centurion Security Management Services

Cominco P/L

Crete Security Services P/L

Cornerstone Safety & Security Pte Ltd

Danmax Security Management P/L

Deep Security Services P/L

Dragnet Smartech P/L

Dynamic Trilogy Security P/L

Empire Security P/L

Excellent Security & Safety P/L

First Security & Pte Investigation (S) P/L

Force-One Security Pte Ltd

Furama City Centre

Gates PCM Integrated Services P/L

GCM Safety & Security P/L

Globalmax Security & Consultants

Highland Security Services & Investigation P/L

Hillcrest Security & Management Services P/L

IGC Security Services Pte Ltd

Impact Security Services

JASA Investigation & Security Services P/L

KH Security P/L

Kingston Property Maintenance Services P/L

Kingdom Security Pte Ltd

Kyowa Security Guard and General Services P/L

Metropolis Security Systems P/L

P & P Security Services P/L

Pedro Investigations & Security Services P/L

P-Force Security Management Services P/L

Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

Premier Security Co-operative Ltd

Proteam Security Management Pte Ltd

RAS Security P/L

RC Hotels (Pte) Ltd

Reachfield Security & Safety Management P/L

Resilient Secure Consultancy P/L

Rightmen Security Services P/L

Safeguard Systems & Services P/L

Schempp Protection & Investigation Services

Securitas Guarding Services (Singapore) P/L

Securite Associates P/L

Security Enforcer P/L

Security Masters P/L

Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd

Securus P/L

Shine Security Agency P/L

Singland Management Services Pte Ltd

Soverus Consultancy & Services P/L

Soverus P/L

Spear Security Force P/L

Spinnetasia P/L

Standard Security & Investigation Services P/L

StandTall Security Management P/L

Storm Protection P/L

Straits Facilities P/L

STS Security Services P/L

Taurean Protective Services

Tiger Hong Security Services and Consultants P/L

Titanium Safety & Security Pte Ltd

Triple ‘S’ Protection P/L

Top Guard Security Management P/L

Westminster Investigation and Security Management Pte Ltd