USE Cares

On top of all the collective bargaining and workplace protection, USE cares for members in providing financial assistance to them and their family.

Union of Security Employees

Union Membership Benefits

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Union of Security Employees

M Sanji Education Awards

The education award was introduced in 2009 to help ease the financial burdens of our security officers in a small way, specifically in financing their children’s education. The award was previously capped at 2 children per applicant but the Union has removed the capping this year to assist more members. USE believes that the private security profession is an important one. We hope our officers are respected for the important work they do, and that their children can be proud that their parents keep lives and properties safe.

* Application for Year 2018 is closed*


Union of Security Employees


NTUC GIFT is a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions/association. All union members who are 65 years and below are automatically covered against death and total & permanent disability (TPD) of up to S$40,000. Union leaders are eligible for double the sum assured. Union members’ spouses below 65 years old are also covered against death and TPD. Eligible members aged 65 years and above can opt for extension of coverage with payment of a token fee.

Please refer to the NTUC GIFT brochure below for more details:

Eligibility Criteria

Members who:

  1. are 16 to 65 years of age (include spouses below the age of 65, i.e. before their 65th birthday)
  2. have at least 6 months of continuous paid-up union/association membership

Claim Submission

In the event of a claim, the member/next-of-kin needs to submit the duly completed claim form together with all necessary supporting documents to their union/association for endorsement. The duly claim form must be submitted within 90 days of incident to the union office.

Union of Security Employees



The U Care Hardship Grant provides a one-off assistance to low-income union members in the event that the member suffers hardship arising from one of the following circumstances which is of a non-industrial nature:
  1. Death
  2. Total and permanent incapacity
  3. Serious chronic medical condition*
  4. Registered fire or flood victim

* Pre-existing serious chronic medical condition diagnosed before the applicant became a Union Member will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

Union Members must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the grant:
  1. Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $1,800 and below; or Per Capita Income of $500 and below if gross household income exceeds $1,800
  2. Minimum of 6 months continuous paid-up union membership at the point of application


$1,000 one-off payout

Claim Submission

The duly completed claim form must be submitted to the union office.